Welcome to the JMF fulfillment account setup form, the purpose of this is to collect all necessary information from you about your fulfillment needs and requirements. The completion of this document allows our development team to jump in and begin work to quickly setup your account.

You CAN save your progress and return later to complete however it’s recommended that you finish in one sitting. Estimated Time Needed to Complete: 35 minutes

The sections we will cover are:

  1. Basic Contact Info
  2. Users
  3. Product Upload
  4. Product Info
  5. Packout Guidelines
  6. Shipping
  7. Suppliers
  8. Integrations

You will need to have the following info ready:

  • JMF Onboarding Key (in the email that linked you to this page)
  • Access to your product info (SKUs, UPC, names, etc)
  • Integration login credentials (if we’re integrating with your 3pC)
  • User contact info (emails)

Click the below link to get started:

Get Started