Automated Tracking Notifications


  1. Standard Tracking Notifications
  2. Order Reconciliation on 3rd Party Cart (3PC)

Standard Tracking Notifications

When an order is placed through All In View or received via 3rd Party Cart (3PC) integration, automatic shipping notifications will be sent to the receivers email directly from the shipping carrier notification system, example below:

Automated Tracking Info

Automated tracking notification triggered by UPS

Order Reconciliation on 3rd Party Cart (3PC)

When an order is received into AIV from a 3PC, the tracking number will be pushed back to the 3PC once the shipping label has been created for shipping. This tracking number will reconcile the order in your 3PC, marking the order status Complete or Shipped depending on your individual cart configuration.

Also depending on your configuration, by the order changing status to Complete or Shipped this may trigger a Shipping Confirmation email confirmation to your customer that will come from your 3PC. Depending on your settings, this Shipping Confirmation email may also have the tracking number included in the email. This is a feature completely dependent on the settings you’ve establish on your 3PC and not controlled by your JMF account team by default, so if you need assistance here please reach out to your JMF team, we’re happy to assist.