How To Read Your JMF Fulfillment Invoice

As a JMF fulfillment client you will receive two documents in a 30-day cycle: an Invoice and Backup Document, here we’ll answer some frequently asked questions and define some of the confusing fulfillment terminology. For info on how to find your invoice in AIV click here. 


  1. Definitions
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  1. Invoice: same as you receive anywhere else, we deliver ours in a PDF format via email.
  2. Backup Document: this is an excel sheet that has multiple tabs with each order, charge and action broken down line-by-line.
  3. Previously Unbilled Pallet Storage: Unlike everything else on your monthly invoice, pallet storage is actually billed at the beginning of the month, this is because it’s a physical space that we need to reserve for you, similar to paying  rent. As a result, when we bill for storage, we’re only going to charge you for what you currently have in storage at the time the invoice was generated. If more pallets arrive mid-month we need to back-bill them which is on your invoice as “Previously Unbilled”